Led by experienced innovators in our industry


Our Leadership

Strong organizations need strong leadership. Our executive team brings together decades of leadership, innovation, and insurance industry experience to continue Confie’s path of customer service and growth.

Great organizations are also built on the shoulders of those who live by example. Leaders at every level at Confie pursue integrity and excellence daily. Their actions create the diverse, positive, and empowering work culture that is building Confie to new heights of success.


Cesar Soriano

Chief Executive Officer
Cesar has spent over 20 years driving key, tangible outcomes in leadership roles within financial, insurance, and business services industries.

Darrin Silveria

Chief Sales Officer
Darrin brings over 25 years of proven business experience in sales, operations, and strategic development.

Michael Kaplan

Chief Financial Officer
Michael is a CPA with 30 years of Finance, Operations, and Strategy leadership experience.

Tim Clark

Chief Human Resources Officer
Tim brings more than 25 years of human resources leadership experience across a variety of industries.

Joshua Marder

Chief Marketing Officer
Joshua brings over 20 years’ experience specifically in building brands and marketing acquisition platforms that focus on helping consumers improve their quality of life and care for their families.

Chris Alfaras

Chief Information Officer
Chris brings over 20 years leading the Technology Operations and Strategy within the Insurance and Consumer services industry.

Tom Hammond

Chief Strategy Officer
Tom brings over 35 years of experience in the P&C Industry specifically in Operations Management, Service Center Strategy, and Contact Center technology.

Carol Newman

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Carol is an action-oriented leader with deep experience in the private and public sectors and all facets of the property and casualty insurance business.

Chad Maxwell

Senior Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions
Chad brings over 20 years of proven experience in mergers and acquisitions and business integration and consolidation.