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Confie Client Services offers a comprehensive suite of support tools for your business.

Whether in a startup, growth, or re-launch phase, we make outsourcing all your essential tasks quick and reliable while driving results. Choose from our four premier products including:

Use one, combine some, or implement the entire collection of Confie Client Services so you can focus on your company’s vision while we handle everything else.

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Confie BPO

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Confie BPO is your one-stop solution approach to top-quality nearshore call center and back-office services, offering customer care, customer acquisition, business intelligence, and technical support to diverse companies across a wide variety of industry verticals. Ranging from call center operations to IT support to TPA services – and everything in between – Confie BPO has the experience and infrastructure to overhaul, manage, and excel your organization’s business processes.

Confie TPA Services

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Expand your wheelhouse of additionally outsourced services for your claims businesses. We handle specific functions that may be difficult or take time to manage in-house, such as:

  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
  • Spanish Translation Services
  • Seamless Communication for Active Claims
  • Claims Processing for Inactive Policies
  • No Exposure Claims Processing
  • Expert Appraisal Services
  • Salvage Processing & Management
  • Subrogation & Arbitration Services
  • Back Office Administration Functions

Confie TPA supplies you with skilled claims agents to guarantee both satisfied customers and properly processed claims.


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DataRadar is your solution-oriented software to improve trust in data. This valuable feature ensures you never again struggle with reliability, miss chances, decrease productivity, or lose money due to data issues. DataRadar Solutions has many capabilities. To name a few:

  • Data validation
  • Metadata monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Warehouse optimization

In today's fast-paced business world, data quality and accuracy are crucial. DataRadar is the ultimate solution to all your data quality, visual ETL, and Cloud data warehouse monitoring needs.

Confie Digital Services

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Provides custom and integrated digital marketing plans to stay ahead of the competition. From supporting your digital growth business goals with data to leveraging the latest technology to optimizing visibility, organic traffic, lead conversion, and market reach, we manage the entire lifecycle of your promotional efforts. With Confie Digital Services, you have a partner who never misses a beat in today’s fast-moving industry.