Chief Information Officer

Chris Alfaras is the Chief Information Officer of Confie. Chris brings over 20 years leading the Technology Operations and Strategy within the Insurance and Consumer services industry. He joined Confie in 2016 and has played a key role transforming the company into an innovative and dynamic technology organization while focusing on the integration of acquisitions, consolidation of insurance platforms and expanding the technology landscape for future growth. Prior to joining Confie, Chris held the title of Chief Information Officer for a number of companies including Interstate National Warranty Corp., Financial American Insurance Group and Cardif Insurance Group North America (a BNP Paribas company). His main strategy areas were implementing innovative technologies to support the transformation and growth of the business and the consolidation of platforms. Chris also held various Operational and Technology management positions at Assurant group focused on supporting multiple Insurance products, platforms and consolidating large scale applications. Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Barry University, Miami Shores, Fl.