Meeting customers where they are


Our Solutions Oriented Business Services

Confie is uniquely positioned to offer the best customer experience no matter the situation. We use our experience and knowledge to both innovate and technology to exceed expectations.

Each of our divisions has their own unique focus and can find the best solutions for its customers. We are able to serve everyone’s needs efficiently and to provide excellent service on our wide range of products and services.

We’re proud of the range and quality of our solutions, and the high level of expertise we offer our customers. Currently, we segment our services into non-standard, standard retail, general agency, and client services.

Non-Standard Insurance

Freeway Office

Our high-risk insurance division removes barriers to getting back on the road. This sector assists individuals who may have been denied insurance, have gaps in their coverage history, or have a less than perfect driving record by offering products that can insure high-risk drivers.

Standard Insurance

InsureOne Office

Our standard retail division provides personalized and customized insurance packages to customers. We also protect small businesses from common threats such as customer injuries or employee illnesses or injuries among others.

General Agency

Bluefire Office

Confie’s General Agency (GA) division sells auto insurance products through independent agency partners. Our variety of options positions us to offer high quality, affordable insurance coverage for every driver.

Client Services

Services by confie

With our four products for success - BPO, TPA, DataRadar, and Digital Services - we provide outsourcing services to businesses at different stages of their growth journey. Whether you're just starting out, scaling up, or relaunching, we manage all necessary tasks so you achieve your business goals: this is Confie Client Services.