image Nearshore Outsourcing: Why It Makes a Difference

Nearshore Outsourcing: Why It Makes a Difference

What if a single decision dramatically affected how well you grew your business? 

Whether your company is big or small, it stands to benefit from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). However, if you’ve never outsourced before, you may not know there is a world of difference between types of call center outsourcing. In almost every instance, nearshore outsourcing is better for your business. 

Just why does nearshore make such a difference when it comes to offshore vs. nearshore outsourcing? Keep reading to discover the answer! 

1. Can Nearshore Outsourcing Save You Money? 

For most companies, the bottom line is vitally important. When it comes to BPO, the simple fact is that nearshore outsourcing can provide cost savings. In fact, the longer you use it, the more you are likely to save. 

The primary reason for this is that, by definition, BPO helps you pay for only as much labor as you need for only as long as you want. Whether you are launching a new product or just trying to make it through the holiday season, call center services let you get the job done without having to recruit and hire full-time employees (complete with salary and benefits packages). 

While you might experience similar savings with other kinds of BPO, you’ll quickly run into issues such as language barriers, time zone differences, and cultural variances that will ultimately cost you time and customers and, therefore, money. Why not stick with nearshore and save both time and money, especially if you have a smaller company

2. Is Collaboration Easier with a Shared Time Zone? 

Even though the primary goal of outsourcing is for it to become largely “hands-off,” there will still be times you need to communicate directly with your remote teams to collaborate on certain issues. And when you need to do this, nearshore is more effective than other kinds of BPO because you will either share the same time zone or a very similar one. 

Compare that to BPO solutions where the team you are working with is on the other side of the world. Even if such a team does otherwise amazing work, it will always be more difficult for you to communicate, coordinate, or collaborate. You can solve this problem, though, by simply outsourcing closer to home. It beats conducting an international Zoom call in the middle of the night! 

3. How Does Cultural Alignment Affect Productivity? 

Perhaps the most popular use of a BPO call center is facilitating communication needs. Make no mistake — if your outsourced workers speak with your customers often, you’ll want nearshore because it provides a better cultural alignment. 

For example, outsourced workers who are geographically closer to you are more fluent in English. And in addition to pure fluency, they will better understand things like verbal idioms and tones of those they are speaking with. In short, this will make each customer call much smoother, whereas other forms of outsourcing may lead to communication issues that drive your customers away. In this way, this BPO can help with customer retention even as it helps you grow your overall business. 

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4. Does Nearshore Outsourcing Increase Control? 

As we said before, the ultimate goal of outsourcing is typically to develop a mostly “hands-off” relationship with remote workers. However, there are times when you or other managers and executives may need to exert more control over outsourced tasks. When this need arises, nearshore BPO makes it much easier for you to take control. 

The main reason for this is, of course, sheer proximity. In addition to a shared time zone making communication easier, close proximity makes it easier for you to monitor developments and even fly out to meet BPO decision-makers where they live. This means you get the best of both worlds: affordable help that is so close you never have to worry about losing control of a project. 

5. Will Nearshore Outsourcing Allow Access to a Larger Pool of Talent? 

So far, we have focused on the fact that nearshore outsourcing can save you time and money while giving you greater control of different projects. But did you know that it also provides you access to a larger talent pool than traditional outsourcing? 

This is because many offshore areas, such as Latin America, have been growing exponentially in fields such as IT and communication technology. Between this and the cultural alignment we touched on before, nearshore provides a steady supply of talented subject matter experts you won’t find via traditional outsourcing. You’ll get all the help you need, and you can rest assured that they have the required skills and expertise. 

6. How Does Nearshore Outsourcing Affect Onboarding and Integration? 

When nearshore workers are more fluent in your language and understand unique aspects of your culture, it does more than make communication with your customers easier. It also speeds up the time it takes to onboard new workers and integrate them into your existing operation. 

Remember, one of the chief benefits of outsourcing is that you can potentially save money. If it takes a very long time to train everyone and integrate them, then you’ve lost time, and that’s just another way of saying you’ve lost money. With nearshore, you get to experience those savings right away rather than watching your savings get frittered away by one delay after another. 

Begin Nearshore Outsourcing Today 

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