People and Culture

Our winning culture is our foundation

People and Culture

People and Culture

Confie’s employees enjoy an inclusive, dynamic culture where great ideas and excellence are rewarded. We want every person on our team to excel, so it is our top priority to offer robust training and support.

Using our ICARE values as a compass, we have set the stage for continuous, enthusiastic growth. Through these measures, Confie’s work culture reflects an uncommon level of excellence, expertise, and commitment. Join our winning team today!


Our ICARE Values

Collage of Employees

At Confie, we integrate our ICARE values into everything we do. It’s evident in our superior customer service, positive workplace, and satisfaction in a job well done. We believe that our employees are our brand, and so it’s vital that they emulate our key ICARE values with Integrity daily:

  • Commitment to value for our customers, our employees, and our company.
  • Accountability for everything we do by holding ourselves to the highest standards.
  • Respect for our customers, ourselves, and each other at all times.
  • Excellence that drives us to go the extra mile and to exceed expectations

Our ICARE values exemplify teamwork. Our tagline is “With Integrity” because we believe all our employees should act with integrity in everything they do. Through teamwork, they will collaborate with employees and be effective and efficient to accomplish our goals.

We owe our continued success to our many talented employees across the many divisions of Confie. By recruiting and retaining talented employees who give their very best every day, we have been able to grow with confidence. In turn, we reward our employees with exciting and fruitful careers that have room for advancement.

Your Customer Experience Matters Most

At Confie, our customers’ needs are what matters to us. From helping with questions to understanding their insurance coverage to getting the best price, you can trust we're the only place they’ll need to go. Our team provides a welcoming experience - for both those who are new at getting coverage and people already insured who want better products. We're here to provide the best service to them!

Scholarships for Higher Education

Group of students posing outdoors on campus, happy and hugging.

At Confie, we believe education builds a solid foundation for our employees and their families to reach their highest potential. To support that, we’ve partnered with Orange County Community Fund to establish the Confie Enablement Fund. Each year, employees and their dependents can apply for competitive scholarship money to help them begin or continue their dreams of higher education.

Scholarship recipients are chosen and the funds are administered by Scholarship America, a neutral third party. These scholarships are based on how recipients will become an agent of positive impact and change in their careers and lives. At Confie, we believe in investing in our employees and their family’s education. Come take a deeper look at us today.

At Confie, we have the opportunity to help people every day in both our customer base and our employee team. In a pay for performance market one can set a personal best and achieve that goal and reach higher yet again. I enjoy the opportunity to build working relationships with new and established talents to deliver common goals.

Tracy Steen
Vice President of Illinois Sales

As a Leader in the Claims Department, integrity is a crucial aspect of being reliable for my team. A Leader with Integrity acts in accordance with their words and owns up to their mistakes, as opposed to hiding them or making excuses. You have to be willing to roll-up your sleeves and lead by example.

Chelsea Schell
Director of Claims

Confie University

Collage of Employees Training

Confie is passionate about growth, so we want every employee to strive for excellence through continual learning. All of our employees have full access to Confie University. This world-class training environment cultivates both professional and personal growth. Also, we have employee recognition programs and performance management support in place for additional support.

New hires will get all the information they need to make a successful start at Confie. Depending on the type of job offered, the onboarding training program can last between 1 – 4 weeks. Thereafter, employees can continue to grow in their expertise and knowledge about their specific product sectors.

We make ongoing training convenient and accessible so that our employees can learn at their own pace and in the way they prefer. Confie University is accessible online every day of the week to fit even the most unique schedules. We also conduct on-the-job training to provide in-person support.

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