image Affordable Options for High-Risk Drivers

Affordable Options for High-Risk Drivers

The core capability of auto insurers is the ability to anticipate risk and build policies based on it. If you are a high-risk driver — that is, someone considered a greater liability for the insurer due to age, multiple traffic violations, accidents, a DUI, a required SR-22 form, or inadequate credit score — you will need non-standard insurance to protect yourself on the road.

The main difference you’ll notice between non-standard policies and standard ones? They’re simply more expensive (Fitzpatrick).

For this reason, you are likely on the lookout for affordable non-standard insurance policies. Here are some tips for finding non-standard options that conform more to your price range:

Look for Independent Insurers

There is a market for non-standard auto insurance, and plenty of smaller, more independent insurance companies have stepped in to fill the supply. Though these companies may not have a broad geographic footprint, they often offer targeted policies specifically for those in your situation (Martin).

If you happen to reside in a state where one of these companies operates, call them to discuss your options. Some offer policies in which common infractions only lead to minor increases in policy premiums, as well as forgiving accidents so that the customer doesn’t have to pay large rate hikes after a first-time at-fault accident.

You may need to meet the following criteria for such coverage:

  • A 5-year accident-free record
  • Have previously held an existing policy with the company
  • Have a record clean of major infractions or violations

Don’t Neglect Shopping at Major Companies

Even America’s largest insurers may offer non-standard insurance policies that work for you. High-risk drivers can sometimes find policies that don’t spike after a number of driving infractions and traffic violations. For those with a spotty driving record, companies may also provide certain discounts:

  • Discounted safe driving courses
  • Driver training courses
  • Creating a bundle of multiple policies

Take Advantage of Military Family Insurance Providers

Companies like USAA provide insurance to military families and their immediate relatives and are often more forgiving of at-fault accidents. If you qualify based on your own or your family’s military connections, try contacting such a provider. The company may help you find a policy with options like:

  • Bundling policies together
  • Enrolling in a safe driving course
  • Installing a device on your car to prevent theft

Don’t give up — there’s likely a non-standard policy out there that will work to get you back on track.