Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

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A Culture Based on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Confie, we’re passionate about creating an inclusive environment that supports our mission to be the most trusted source of insurance solutions. We empower our team to share and amplify their voices by:

  • Fostering a workforce that’s just as diverse as the communities we serve,
  • Promoting equity by supporting and maintaining a level playing field, and
  • Building a workforce where belonging and respect for others is a core belief.

Embracing and increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart of our winning culture.


Diversity and Inclusion

At Confie, we have one of the most diverse employee teams in the insurance industry. This results in an inclusive work environment that pours back into the communities they serve.

Tim Clark
Chief Human Resources Officer
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Confie by the Numbers

  • 2000+
    Fully licensed
    insurance providers
  • 1000+
    service agents
    Fully Bilingual
    Shared Service
    Center Employees
  • 70%
    Across our business
  • 70%
    Across our business

*US Employees

Our Commitment to an Inclusive Environment

At Confie we strive to constantly find new and better ways to highlight and communicate this vital part of our company culture. We have monthly communications to educate and emphasize our diversity.

We focus on getting to know our team members and how they contribute to their communities, as well as encourage platforms where employees can share their triumphs and challenges.

Our DEI Values: We Want You to be You

People on a meeting

You are unique. There’s nobody else exactly like you. That’s one reason why we value you. We know that nobody else can bring the same ideas and talent to the table as you. As much as we emphasize teamwork, we give that same amount of weight to the individual contributions only you can make.

Our DEI Principles: Trust as a Foundation

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Everyone is welcome at Confie. We believe if you are driven to perform, you’ll fit right in. We’ll provide superior training and let you do the rest. We’ve built a foundation on providing trusted solutions for everyone who needs us. Those who share our commitment to inclusivity are welcome.