image Looking to Sell Your Insurance Agency?

Looking to Sell Your Insurance Agency?

Are you deciding to sell your insurance agency? Want to retire with the legacy you have created? Do you hope to keep your staff who have been loyal to you for many years?

This is a big decision. You want to get this right. You want to get a good return on the fruits of all your labor but also want it to be timely and confidential. 

So many things have changed in the economy in past years that might be encouraging you to sell:

  1. Marketing trends are changing and are challenging to learn
  2. Just a phone call is no longer the best way to find people
  3. Demographics might have changed in your area
  4. You may be struggling with a reduction in revenue with carriers. For some, it may be even shrinking every day.

You need a seasoned team that will efficiently manage the deal process by using a hands-on approach to gathering, analyzing, and reporting.  

Consider talking to Confie. Backed by Alliant, Confie is an M&A partner of choice in the personal lines industry. We will walk you through the sales process to be sure it goes seamlessly.

Talk to us today; there are changes still coming. Legislation is looming to nearly double capital gains tax. Deciding to sell before changes in the capital gains tax will make a big difference in your retirement income.

For more about our acquisition process, check out the following video:

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you reach your objectives, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can learn more about Confie here.