image 5 Biggest BPO Success Stories

5 Biggest BPO Success Stories

What if expanding your business could be as easy as picking up the phone? 

If you’ve been wanting to expand your business, chances are that you have considered business process outsourcing (BPO). On paper, this is a great way to help your company grow like never before. However, nervous entrepreneurs often hesitate to pull the trigger because they worry it could be a costly and time-consuming mistake. 

In reality, this kind of practice has been the foundation for many larger businesses to achieve major success. What are the businesses that have benefited from BPO, and what can you learn from their success? Keep reading to discover the answers! 

1. Slack 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Slack was leading the way for businesses to coordinate remote teams and work-from-home employees. Once the pandemic began, Slack became more popular than ever before. But this prevalent communication app would never have even gotten off the ground without getting the right external help. 

For example, affordable BPO helped the company transform a rocky beta into a reliable final product. It was outsourced help that provided the company with everything from its logo and website to the mobile app that countless workers rely on every day. 

In 2020, this plucky company was bought by SalesForce for a cool $27.7 billion. But they would never have achieved this immense success if they didn’t have enough outside talent to give Slack a smooth and buzzworthy launch that gained it 15,000 users in the first two weeks alone. 

2. Skype 

Speaking of communication apps, Skype has found success as a kind of all-in-one platform. After all, it’s just as useful for facilitating simple messages as it is for complex video calls. But this is another app that wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without the help of some serious outside talent. 

Early on in the app’s development process, its functionality was very rocky. To help improve things, the company outsourced app development to three experts. They helped turn Skype from a simple dream into a company that Microsoft eventually bought for $8.5 billion

In some ways, this is one of the biggest BPO success stories of all time because those three developers eventually became business partners with Skype. This goes to show the sheer depth of talent available to those who use business process outsourcing.

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3. Procter and Gamble 

Procter and Gamble is one of the most prominent and well-respected companies throughout the world. They are known for producing a vast array of different products while providing the quality and service that customers have come to expect. However, the business learned early on that outsourcing was the key to both expanding the company and maintaining a high level of overall professional quality. 

Early on, Procter and Gamble discovered success by outsourcing different management needs. This eventually blossomed into outsourcing IT support, app development, payroll services, call center services and much more to external specialists. They were able to focus internal specialists on vital business expansion while outsourcing a wide variety of diverse needs. 

The end result is that these days, Procter and Gamble is worth over $330 billion. They could never have achieved such growth and success without the help of BPO, and they remain a solid model for companies hoping to build their brand into a business juggernaut. 

4. Unilever 

Unilever is one of those companies best described as “ubiquitous.” After all, they operate in more than 190 countries around the world. However, it would be fair to say they would never have had this level of success without BPO. 

The rubber met the road for this company when it decided to unify its European enterprise resource planning systems. Instead of having many different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, they wanted a single system that all European employees could rely on. But since they didn’t have the right internal specialists to make that happen, company leadership decided to outsource these particular needs to the best IT specialists they could find. 

When all was said and done, this plan worked better than Unilever could ever have dreamed. The company ended up with a single reliable ERP system that ended up saving them over $750 million per year compared to what they were previously paying. Relying on money-saving outsourcing is just one more reason why Unilever is currently worth over $128 billion! 

5. WhatsApp 

In the United States, Facebook maintains dominance over the social media landscape. However, throughout the world, there is a very different social media platform users rely on: WhatsApp. 

These days, WhatsApp has over two billion active users around the globe. These users rely on the app to work smoothly, but most of them don’t realize there would never have been an app at all without the power of creative outsourcing. 

Early in the development process, the visionaries behind WhatsApp realized they did not have enough technical skills to bring their app to life. Rather than giving up on developing the app altogether, they ended up outsourcing their needs to tech gurus. 

In doing so, WhatsApp also created a solid model that demonstrates how most companies effectively use BPO. By outsourcing external talent to a specific problem, WhatsApp was able to focus its most talented in-house team on tasks like customer service and talent management. In short, this helped provide crucial talent when the team needed it the most, and in-house employees were able to focus on nurturing, expanding, and maintaining the brand even as it kept getting more popular. 

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Now you know the biggest BPO success stories. But do you know how you can become the next one? 

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