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Confie Community Hero: Marjorie & Sean Breslin

While the Confie Community Heroes program typically focuses on Confie team members doing great things in their community, we are all surrounded by greatness as well. Each of us can be touched by those we admire, our colleagues, customers and loved ones. Marjorie Breslin, who has managed Freeway Insurance’s location in South Bend, Indiana since August 2014, was recently touched by the actions of her husband of 31 years — Sean.

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Sean was driving in Niles, Michigan when he noticed the vehicle in front of him was swerving across the road. Concerned, he followed the vehicle and was stunned when the driver ran off the road onto the shoulder, striking a 15-year-old girl out for a walk.

After the accident, the driver sped away, so Sean called 911 to alert them about the young girl so that paramedics could quickly attend to her.

“My husband isn’t the kind of person to just walk away from something bad,” said Marjorie. “He’s a good samaritan and always gets involved and really works to help others.”
Sean acted fast, chasing after the driver so he could get the vehicle’s license plate number and description, staying on the phone with the police and directing law enforcement as to where the car was headed. After following the vehicle for several miles, police advised Sean to return to the scene and speak with police.

Due to Sean’s bravery and fast thinking, police located and arrested the driver, who it was later learned was intoxicated. Most importantly, the young girl who was struck by the drunk driver was not hurt badly.

“Police were thankful for him,” Marjorie added. “The family of the girl was so grateful for his work to help catch the person and while she had to spend the night at the hospital, she is doing alright and was released to her family the next day.”

Thanks to Sean Breslin for being a Confie Community Hero.