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Confie Community Hero: Feeding the Homeless

Sabrina Jolliff says for her, giving is easy. That’s one reason this mother of four and district manager in Kansas City, MO spends part of every weekend helping to feed people in her area who are homeless – or “off grid” as Sabrina calls it. Sabrina found this calling through a Facebook group asking for volunteers last March and after just one time handing out food and other items in the park, she was hooked.

She has branched out from the original group she started with, Free Hot Soup Independence, and started her own group, Full Bellies KC, since there is plenty of need to go around in the area. Now, she and other group members spend their Sunday afternoons handing out a hot dinner, drinks, soup and take-home lunches, as well as other needed items such as coats, hats, blankets, batteries, tents, sleeping bags, hand warmers, socks and more.

When asked why she feels drawn to helping the houseless, Sabrina says there is a mix of reasons. She likes to help people, but she also enjoys being able to lift someone else’s spirits and life.

“People don’t realize how easy it is to just help someone,” Sabrina said. “It’s so easy just to take a cup of oatmeal with some peanut butter with you and give it to the guy on the street corner or make an extra plate of leftovers and give it to the lady at the gas station begging for money. It’s that easy. Just don’t expect anything in return because that’s not what giving is.”

Not much goes to waste in Sabrina’s quest to help those living “off the grid”. Recently, a woman offered her some used candles – not something most people would search out. However, Sabrina knows that candles can be a source of heat for someone surviving in the cold. Her friends from the park were thrilled to receive the candles and said they helped them stay warm all week.

Part of what makes Sabrina’s story special is that she wasn’t content to just spend a few hours helping in one area. She saw the need to grow the efforts to include even more people. Due to her tireless work, she currently feeds an average of 40 to 45 people each week. One of her regulars has helped to spread the word.

“I told him he was a multiplier like me and he is proud of his title!” she says.

When she’s not helping to feed the homeless or managing a Freeway branch, Sabrina lives in Independence, MO where she has four grandchildren and loves to garden. She maintains a native wildflower habitat that she loves that allows her to watch the seasonal pollinators through the year. She’s been with the company since 2008, having been referred by a carrier.