image Will 2024 Be the Year That AI Disrupts the Call Center Market? 

Will 2024 Be the Year That AI Disrupts the Call Center Market? 

Like you, businesses and employees are keeping their fingers on the ways artificial intelligence (AI) may impact their industries. For those who are already saving money and increasing customer satisfaction with business process outsourcing (BPO) call centers, as well as those who are considering it, the question of AI is one that needs an answer. 

Unsurprisingly, you may have mixed feelings about the new ways AI is changing the BPO industry, especially call centers, which can be enhanced by the many technological tools available. 

We know that AI is here to stay. The question becomes, will it be a positive or negative disruption on call center markets and call center agents? 

The Positive Impact of AI in Improving Efficiency in Call Centers 

From the 1980s, when artificial intelligence first landed on the business scene, this transformative intelligence has evolved to become part of most industries. Businesses have seen positive outcomes from the use of AI when accompanied by human input. Industries have progressed from using chatbots and virtual assistants to generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM). 

An AI call center also reaps some of the benefits of this technology. By improving efficiency in call centers, BPO organizations improve your customer service. Some of the positive impacts, when directed by a human source, include the following: 

  • Improving customer call quality 
  • Enhancing employee productivity 
  • Minimizing operating costs for businesses 
  • Creating a smoother workflow and greater efficiency 
  • Routing calls quicker and to the best agent for the job 
  • Eliminating manual call transfers, saving time and manpower 
  • Customers have less wait time, creating more satisfaction 
  • Streamlining work processes, allowing agents to have more time to focus on other tasks 

Although AI can enhance a call center, there are still numerous advantages of live customer service chats. But with the help of AI, call center agents are assisted with handling their workload. AI analyzes the call and uses machine learning and other technology to assess which agent would be best equipped to handle the call. 

A hand holding a cell phone with text what can I help you with displayed.

How Does AI Enhance Real Human Connection in Customer Support? 

You may be wondering how AI can leverage modern marketing to connect customers to your brand. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to manage customer queries as they come into the call center. These processes can enhance the call center agent’s communication, leading to better customer satisfaction and outcomes. 

In addition, chatbots and virtual assistants can provide limited information to callers. This allows simple issues to get resolved quickly and enables the agent to manage customers with more complex needs. This reduces the wait time for those with an easy question. 

Another interesting way that AI assists call center agents is by decoding the customer’s voice and style of interaction. Through voice analysis, AI is getting better at determining what type of personality the caller has, thereby routing the call appropriately. 

Some benefits of AI assistance with human connection include the following: 

  • Get a view of call analytics instantly 
  • Understand customer behavior more accurately 
  • Improve call routing 
  • Provides real-time response suggestions 

Why 2024 Will Be a Landmark Year for Call Centers 

AI will play an instrumental role in enhancing your customers’ experience and freeing up the agent’s time. In 2024, call centers can expect to reap the benefits of new technologies revolving around AI. As companies fine-tune their applications, they will be able to expand their client base and provide call center agents with the tools to make their jobs easier. 

Talk to a BPO Call Center Expert about AI 

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