image 7 Daily Routines That Will Promote Happiness and Success

7 Daily Routines That Will Promote Happiness and Success

Collectively, the human race is better off than we’ve ever been before. Still, happiness and success remain hard-earned goals — goals that we continually chase in the face of all the distractions the modern world has to offer.

However, a few tried-and-true daily routines have been shown to correlate with both happiness and success. Try them yourself and observe the difference:

1. Plan out your day.

There’s nothing like checking items off a list. Every day is an opportunity to chip away at your goals, and by planning it out, you’ll feel productive and keep yourself accountable against distractions.

2. Always keep success front and center.

Imagine where it is you want to be. Keep that dream front and center and let it shape your decision-making — by visualizing your success, you’ll move continuously toward it. Just remember that the journey is more important than the end goal.

3. Challenge yourself.

Personal growth doesn’t come easily. Always be on the lookout for new challenges, and don’t be afraid to go where things are happening.

4. Take care of yourself.

Working yourself to death, neglecting exercise, sacrificing time with your family, sleeping at the office — none of these are conducive to success. Even if you can’t accomplish everything you’d hoped for before sundown, you have to keep yourself healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

5. Keep your sleep cycle regular.

Getting enough sleep is absolutely critical to your health and functioning. But it’s also important to try to keep a routine. By getting to bed at the same time every day, your body knows what to expect and can deliver energy more consistently.

6. Become an early bird.

Let’s just admit it — it’s irritating to hear a morning person talking about how great it is to be a morning person. However, the evidence suggests that they’re right. Something about getting up early (before 6 a.m.) inspires productivity, which is why the majority of successful people are early risers. Use the extra time in the morning to be creative, exercise, or get a head start on tasks like emailing.

7. Skip the videos and pick up a book.

Reading is one of the most nurturing activities for our minds. Whereas videos create a comprehensive picture for us, reading activates our imaginations and lets us think outside of ourselves.

When you find a routine that works for you, stick to it. Make these routines part of your every day and do your best not to deviate from them.

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