image The Importance of a Company Mission Statement

The Importance of a Company Mission Statement

When evaluating a company that you want to work for or already work for, an important yet often over-looked criterion is their mission statement. This one-liner may not seem like a huge deal compared to benefits packages or growth opportunities, but you can actually learn a lot with a quick analysis of an employer’s mission statement.

Discover the Value Behind Your Work

One of the key factors about a company mission statement is that it reveals what is truly important to the company, which also lets you know how your work matters. Even if your position is in a support role rather than a core service or program area, a mission statement helps you understand the broader goal to which your work contributes.

It’s very empowering to know how the work you do fits into the larger puzzle. Shifting your perspective to discover the benefit of your work in a tangible way can make your day much more fulfilling.

Fine Tune Your Development Goals

A company mission statement can also help you determine your professional development goals by adding insight into the company’s values. This could be anything from customer satisfaction to growth and sales.

Think about what new skill sets could help you contribute to the mission within your function to create a plan that sets you up for long-term success. Even soft skills like leadership, communication, and collaboration are extremely effective paths to explore to make a strong contribution to your company.

Represent the Company in an Authentic and Consistent Way

Sharing a common mission and language is key to developing a consistent representation of your company. Whether you regularly interact with customers or represent your employer at networking or other events, understanding the mission statement ensures you can really talk about the company in an authentic manner. Not only does it make things easier for you, it also helps to build a better business.

Ultimately, a deep understanding of the company mission statement impacts everyone in a positive way, both internally and externally.

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