image How to Stay Motivated in the Workplace

How to Stay Motivated in the Workplace

After you’ve failed at a project at work or gotten into an argument with your boss, it can be hard to stay motivated about your career. Gain back your focus and use the following tricks to help inspire you to do your best, day in and day out.

1. Set Achievable Goals

Getting that big promotion or becoming CEO of the company are great goals to have; however, they aren’t very realistic in the short term. To build yourself up to these levels of success, you have to start smaller. Create mini goals to keep yourself on the right path. For example, maybe you want to hit a certain sales goal before the end of the month or network with three new potential mentors. After you accomplish each item on your list, keep building.

2. Build Friendships With Your Coworkers

Naturally, your job can seem depressing and soul-crunching when you don’t have anyone to talk with. Make friends with your coworkers so you can have someone to vent to if something is going wrong. They’ll support you along the way and help boost your motivation naturally. You may even benefit from increased collaboration and brainstorming!

3. Exercise Before Work

Creating a routine is an important way to build stability in your life, especially when it comes to exercise. Working out before you get to work is a great way to release endorphins so you start the day on the right foot. Plus, exercising helps you fight fatigue by giving you the energy to power through those mid-morning blues.

4. Celebrate the Little Things

What’s life without a little celebration? You certainly don’t have to celebrate menial tasks like clearing out your inbox or making it through the conference call but feel free to splurge a bit when you close a big deal or get good feedback on a project. After all, you’ve earned it.

5. Take a Break

Losing motivation sometimes is normal. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and give up on life, but it does mean you could use a break from it all. Don’t be afraid to take a few days off to refresh your mind. By the time you return, you’ll be ready to hit the grind again, and you may even be able to look at your work with a fresh perspective.

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