image How to Get to Work on Time: Tips for Beating the Morning Slump

How to Get to Work on Time: Tips for Beating the Morning Slump

We’ve all been there.It’s the fifth time you’ve snoozed your alarm, and even if you roll out of bed and leave right away, you’ll still be late to work.

Sometimes, it’s just too hard to get things moving in the morning. Rather than stack up the late notices, use these tips to help yourself get out the door quicker than ever before.

1. Get up Right Away

Because your body prepares itself for waking up as soon as the alarm goes off by increasing your body temperature, going back to sleep delays this reaction, confusing your internal rhythm. You’ll then experience what’s called sleep inertia, which includes confusion and grogginess and can last for two to four hours.

To stop snoozing, try a moving alarm clock, which will require you to get out of bed and hunt it down so you can shut it off. You may also want to include multiple alarm clocks and set them at various spots throughout the room, forcing you to get up and get moving to silence them all.

2. Drink Water Before You Sleep and When You Wake Up

Eight hours is a long time to go without a drink, so having a glass of water before bed keeps your body functioning optimally while it’s passed out -helping you feel better when you wake up.

Drinking water when you wake up can also help get a boost to your day. Rehydrating helps you feel more alert and can turn on your metabolism, helping you feel slightly more awake (and powering on your bowels so you’re more regular).

3. Utilize Natural Light

Your body has a circadian rhythm, which is what makes you tired when it’s dark and awake when it’s light. If you’re using light-blocking curtains on your windows, you could be missing out on your natural queues to wake up in the morning. Let the sunrise shine through to help gently cull you awake.

Have too much exterior light to leave your shades open all night? Try a natural light alarm clock, which gradually starts glowing some time before your alarm goes off to mimic the light of the sunrise.

4. Exercise

We know there’s probably nothing you’d rather do less when you’re half asleep. But exercise can be crucial for turning on your metabolism. Even just a brisk morning walk can help your body switch over from sleep land to reality.

Don’t want to venture outside? That’s fine, as even a few jumping jacks or crunches should have the intended effect.

Everyone’s different, so it might take a little work to find the morning routine that works for you. However, by finding the right techniques and sticking to them, you can put an end to your morning slump.