image The Importance of a Bilingual BPO in Today’s World 

The Importance of a Bilingual BPO in Today’s World 

Working with a bilingual business process outsourcing (BPO) partner can propel your business into the future and make success easier to achieve. In today’s world, you enhance your brand image with strategies to globalize and expand your customer reach. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of offering bilingual support to their customers. In addition, those who were once prospects are easily converted to customers when you can speak their language. 

By using bilingual BPO call center services, your organization leverages the benefits of having additional language and cultural understanding. Your branding aligns with your company’s goals for diversity and inclusion. Investing in bilingual support services through a BPO puts your company ahead of its competition. 

Understanding the Bilingual Advantage in the Business World 

No matter where you do business, your company will always encounter customers whose native language is something other than English. According to the United States Census Bureau, approximately 68 million people speak another language at home, meaning their preferred language is not English. 

A bilingual BPO benefits your company by providing services for individuals who speak something other than English. In addition, many companies sell their products or services to people internationally, making these types of call center services even more relevant. 

Bilingual customer support representatives are individuals who can speak two languages. They bring onshore and nearshore outsourcing organizations an advantage in the business world by bridging the language and cultural gaps between foreign-speaking individuals and the company. 

The Impact of Language Skills on Outsourcing Partnerships 

Outsourcing bilingual call center services makes sense. According to the well-known language training program Berlitz, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers. So, businesses benefit most by selecting a BPO where agents speak both English and Spanish fluently to fill their call center service’s needs for additional languages. 

Partnering with a bilingual BPO that has Spanish-speaking agents will positively impact your customer service. Customers who speak Spanish as their primary language will feel that your company cares about their language barriers and potential needs. Likewise, you are building a brand of diversity, empathy, and cultural inclusion. 

If you are also considering outsourcing your front- or back-office needs, take a look at what a BPO call center is and what it does, so that you can start making plans to harness the advantages of outsourcing. 

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Expanding Global Reach Through Bilingual Staff 

Although your business may start with a small or local reach, you likely want to expand to reach customers in other non-English speaking markets by creating a cohesive, high-performing international team. Competing on a global stage leads to higher profits and boosts your brand image. Your company brand extends from the local front to a global presence. This is one marker of success. 

However, in your quest to expand the customer base, one challenge you’ll be faced with is breaking through language-based and cultural barriers. If you aren’t equipped with multilingual speakers, communication quickly comes to a halt. It’s necessary to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps with your BPO partner. Outsourcing to language fluent call center services delivers the support your company needs to push forward to new markets around the world. 

With enhanced market penetration and customer base expansion, your organization realizes greater profitability and success. 

Improving Customer Satisfaction with Multilingual Support 

It’s no secret that satisfying your customers is a key element in generating repeat business, word-of-mouth advertising, and enhanced customer reach. Customer satisfaction consists of many components, such as delivering excellent service, providing a great product, showing empathy for customer problems, listening to customer complaints, and the like. 

However, when there’s a language barrier, it’s impossible to fulfill these goals adequately. For example, consider how your customer might feel when they are desperately trying to resolve an issue with your product or service, but they can’t get their point across to the customer service agent. The customer’s primary language is something other than English and the company representative only speaks English.  

When your representative isn’t fluent in the caller’s native language, there is the risk of miscommunication and frustration. The interaction is more likely to be negative, which can have detrimental effects on your business. 

Additionally, customer satisfaction is linked to your brand image. When your business has a highly satisfied, strong customer base, you enhance your branding image. When your company embraces other cultures by offering language support, the business is viewed as empathetic to the language needs of others, which is part of brand building. 

The Economic Upside of Investing in Bilingual Capabilities 

The economic benefits of investing in bilingual call center services are multifaceted. As your business reaches to new markets with a nearshore partner, you will earn the business of additional customers and prospects. Bilingual BPO opens doors to new opportunities that didn’t exist before. Your next level communication leads to increased conversion rates, giving you greater growth than your competition. 

All companies have a mandate to use time more efficiently and productively. Agents who communicate effectively with your clients impart important information, answer questions clearly and quickly, and generate leads for your salespeople. Contrast that with customers and agents struggling to understand each other and spending unnecessary time in the process. 

With the right outsourcing service in place, your business optimizes operations. 

Take Your Company Higher with Bilingual BPO Services 

At Confie, we have a diverse reach and employ over 1,200 people, many of whom speak multiple languages and understand cultural influences. When investing in Confie’s business process outsourcing services, you are assured of quality call center agents who will elevate your business, maximizing profitability. 

Outsourcing for bilingual BPO enhances your brand’s image, increases global reach, and boosts economic profitability. Your company can reflect your diversity goals by ensuring customers can communicate in their native language without issues. 

Find out more about how you can realize the benefits of multilingual call center services by talking to a Confie representative today. Our BPO experts are ready to help you optimize your business’s success. Learn more details by contacting us online. You can also call (714) 252-2500 to speak to a representative today.