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Confie Community Hero: Bob Meagher

In tough times, we see heroes here at Confie — Confie Community Heroes. And it goes without saying, but the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic — and in many cases, traumatic impact on world culture and business. Many are frightened, confused, some businesses are going under and people challenged to put food on the table and pay the rent. 

The old saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” And as the pandemic has proceeded, Bob Meagher of Confie’s InsureOne team has seen the tough get going within his team of some 40 professionals in Oaklawn, Illinois, just outside Chicago. 

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“We have done so much in the office with contributions from everyone to come together to make sure this is as manageable as possible,” he said. “We have distanced ourselves, partitioned the offices, closed off the customer facing area. We then built windows to help conduct business with customers so that we can continue working efficiently.”

When division president Jeff Wingate reached out to Meagher inquiring about standout performers during the pandemic, it was no easy task to narrow the group down.

“Our entire office has done an incredible job getting through this issue, staying safe and happy,” he said. “It was really hard to identify just one or two people specifically because so many have come together. But we’ve had some real standouts.”

Cindy Marroquin, who started at InsureOne just over one year ago, has been one of those standouts, working with various customers in different capacities to ensure they could have the best service possible. 

“She never complained about the situation, and instead thought about how they can do more for the customers,” Meagher noted. “She came up with the idea of a customer appreciation monthly drawing and we have done this now for three months, where each customer that comes in is entered to a drawing that we select a winner each month, with each visit counting as one entrance. They then win a $25 gift card, which isn’t the largest amount, but people are very excited and proud to win.”

Nicole Mansour is a commercial lines/retail manager who has been with InsureOne for 18 years. Meagher said she has been instrumental in keeping things “moving forward” as the pandemic has challenged individual families and businesses.

“She worked with members of her team and human resources to help create special accommodations for an employee who needed to work from home,” he said. “She’s also done a great job in keeping in close contact with customers to keep them informed of the status of key issues.”

As the pandemic has stretched and created further challenges for Meagher and his team, time and time again they have pulled through — taking up a collection for a local hospital, holding a customer appreciation cookout, and simply making sure that the community and customers have what they need, when they need it. 

Thanks to Bob, Cindy, Nicole and the rest of the team in Oaklawn for being a shining example of what makes a Confie Community Hero.