image Travel Insurance 101: What to Know Before Spring Break

Travel Insurance 101: What to Know Before Spring Break

When spring break hits, travel insurance is typically the last thought going through your mind. Statistically, however, it’s one of the most important times to have coverage.

Reasons extend beyond the holiday’s reputation for alcohol consumption — it is also a time when travelers are hitting the ski slopes, going to the beach, playing sports, and staying out late in foreign cities.

Here are five things to know before leaving for spring break.

Pick a Safe Destination

Traveling within the United States is safest for many reasons, the most significant of which is familiarity. Cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Key West, and others offer plenty of fun while still sporting the dependability of US safety and emergency services.

While it is wonderful to see other countries, many places in Mexico and Central America are currently experiencing dangerous rates of crime, including robbery, kidnapping, and murder. If you do travel to such a place, know that you may not be able to depend on police and emergency services in the same way as at home.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Crime exists not just south of the border, but in many American cities as well. Local crime rates often spike during spring break. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep a small amount of cash on your person, and keep it next to your skin — not in a pocket
  • Always keep an eye on your drinks and don’t accept drinks from strangers
  • Keep your pin number concealed at ATM machines
  • If you lose the key to your hotel room, assume it may have been stolen and act accordingly

Know That Being Intoxicated May Void Your Coverage

In the eyes of most insurance companies, by being intoxicated, you are knowingly increasing your own risk. For this reason, it may void your coverage. That means a trip to the emergency room may see you footing the whole bill if you are intoxicated when you arrive.

Because drinking impairs your situational awareness, it also makes you a greater target for criminals.

Get Medical Evacuation Coverage

Emergency evacuations from foreign countries back to the United States can cost many tens of thousands of dollars — so make sure your travel insurance covers such situations. If violence erupts in a place like Cancun, your life may depend on being able to get a plane ticket home in a hurry.

Furthermore, if you sustain serious injuries, travel insurance with medical evacuation coverage will pay for your trip to a local hospital and then again for your trip back home once it is safe to transport you.

Research Where Your Insurance Is Valid

Your existing health insurance may not cover you in foreign countries. For that reason, a short trip to the hospital could wind up costing a devastating amount of money, as you would be paying for the care out of your own pocket.

Call your insurance provider and ask how much travel insurance would cost for your particular destination.

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