image The Perfect Costumes for an Office Halloween Party

The Perfect Costumes for an Office Halloween Party

The laid-back occasion of an office Halloween party can put a weird amount of pressure on you – after all, you want to turn heads without being inappropriate.

In general, workplace Halloween costumes should not be risqué, bloody, offensive, insensitive, or too over-the-top. However, you can still take home the trophy. Here are some of the best Halloween costumes for a work environment:

1. The Blessing In Disguise (male or female)

A great costume makes people scratch their heads for a moment before saying, “Ah!” To pull this one off, start with a T-shirt that says “BLESSING” across the chest. Then throw on a superhero cape, a pair of undercover glasses (the ones with eyebrows, nose, and mustache attached), and either a fedora or the worst wig you can find.

2. Dwight Schrute (male)

No one in the office can fault you for pulling off Dwight from The Office. Start with a short-sleeve button-down shirt and a horrific checkerboard tie, tied just a little too short. Then split your hair straight up the 50-yard line and don a pair of those silver wire-rimmed, I-invented-the-Internet glasses. Practice a few Dwightisms to throw in over the course of the night.

3. The Bread Winner (male or female)

If adorably bad puns are your weakness, the breadwinner costume is for you. This costume is complete with a couple of loaves of bagged bread, some gold medals dangling around your neck, and a sweatband around your forehead.

4. Bandits (male or female, duo)

If you have a partner in crime at work, now is your chance. Grab the classic black-and-white striped shirts, black pants and shoes, black gloves and stocking hats, and masks. Then emblazon a tote bag with a large dollar sign and plot some covert moves – including nabbing a brownie off the plate of Larry from accounting.

5. The Ceiling Fan (female)

To pull this off, you’ll need a varsity sweatshirt with “CEILING” written across, a cheerleader’s pom-pom, and a sign reading “Ceiling #1!!!” or the like. Then get ready to show your ceiling fandom by hooting and cheering the ceiling on all night.

6. The Holy Guacamole (male or female)

Pay homage to that emperor of party dips, guacamole. Don a green shirt with print-outs of avocado, tomato, and diced onions. Then put on a levitating halo and some angel wings, and voila – you are holy guacamole. Bonus points for carrying a bag of Tostitos.


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