image Stay Professional by Avoiding These Email Mistakes

Stay Professional by Avoiding These Email Mistakes

Don’t be a rookie when it comes to emailing. You want your email persona to evoke professionalism, not immaturity. Put the following tips into effect to go from email newbie to email pro.

Adding Emojis

Even if you might be smiling on the inside, there’s no reason to include a happy face after your message. It looks silly, especially if you’re talking to your boss or a new client. Reserve these emoticons for conversations with close colleagues or friends.

Replying All

You know when you’re on a big email chain, and everyone replies all even though they’re only talking to the original sender? Yeah, it’s annoying. There’s no reason for you to see irrelevant messages all day long. Don’t perpetuate this irksome behavior — always be sure to hit the “reply” button instead of the “reply all” unless the message truly applies to everyone.

Using the Same Subject Line

It’s a good idea to change the subject line every time you have a new line of conversation with someone. If you keep using the same, tired email thread for weeks, it can become very confusing as to which message actually applies to which information.

Skipping the Closing

You wouldn’t walk away from someone without saying goodbye, right? So don’t do that in an email. Even if it’s just a short “Thanks,” it’s far better than trailing off with no definitive conclusion.

Not Proofreading

An email isn’t an academic paper. You aren’t going to be graded on its content. That being said, you do need to make sure you’re adhering to the most basic rules of the English language. Make sure you’ve capitalized the start of every sentence, are using proper punctuation, and aren’t using abbreviations excessively. It’s also a good idea to check for any it’s/its, you’re/your, or they’re/there/their errors, as these are pet peeves for many people.

Spelling the Person’s Name Wrong

This is a tidbit that’s important to consider in all aspects of life. Getting someone’s name wrong is really inexcusable, especially if you have their business card or email signature right in front of you. Take the extra three seconds to double-check the spelling of their name before sending your message off into the world.

Nowadays, companies use email for everything, so it’s important that you’re crafting quality messages. Luckily, these tips should set you on the path to becoming an email whiz.

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