image How To Workout During Your Lunch Break

How To Workout During Your Lunch Break

Finding the right time to workout can be difficult for busy professionals. Working out before work may cause you to miss an hour of sleep and working out after work may not be a good option because you may be too tired, or the gym is always packed. Working out during your lunch hour may be a good option for you. Getting in a quick work out in the middle of the day actually helps to boost your energy level and reduce stress.

Follow these tips on how to work out during your lunch break:

Pack Your Gym Bag the Night Before

Pack your gym with your workout clothes, toiletries, water, and towels.

Plan Your Routine in Advance

If you plan ahead of time, you will save time and that time can be spent on your actual workout routine. Use a journal or fitness app to plan your exercises for the week so you know what you are doing each time you go to the gym.

Change Before You Leave

If you can, put on your workout attire before you leave the office. That way you can work out as soon as you get to the gym.

Avoid Peak Lunch Hour

If noon is a popular time for your gym, try to go earlier or later to save time.

Pack Your Lunch

Making your lunch at home saves time and money. Be sure to pack a lunch that is nutritious so that it will fuel your body and provide the necessary nutrients for muscle recovery.

Eat Your Lunch Twice

Cut your lunch in half. Eat the first half about an hour before you go to the gym and the other half after your workout. Be sure to eat a light lunch within no more than 45 minutes after working out. Your lunch should be a good combination of carbs and protein.

Try Compound Exercises

Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time. A few compound exercises that are ideal for lunchtime workouts are:

  • Walking Lunges
  • Dumbbell Plank with Alternating Knee
  • Diagonal Crunch
  • Side Lunge to Upright Row
  • Dumbbell Deadlifts
  • Skater Hops

Emphasize Intensity

A short, intense workout can be just as effective as a longer workout. You can get a full-body workout with compound exercises, and high-intensity circuit training. Since you only have an hour, try to work out no longer than 35 minutes.

Ladies, Eliminate One of The Bra Changes

If you cannot change before you leave the office, then wear your sports bra to work. That way, you can change into a clean bra after your workout.

Personal Care

If you don’t have time to shower after your workout, you can use cleansing wipes, deodorant and body spray to freshen up.

Take a Walk

If you don’t have a gym membership, or if your gym is too far you can always go for a power walk or jog during your lunch break. 

If you are struggling to find time to work out, then give a lunchtime workout a try. A study by the Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K. found that workers who exercised during their lunch break got more work done, used up fewer sick days, and had lower medical expenses than their coworkers who didn’t exercise.