image How to Meet Change in the Workplace with Success

How to Meet Change in the Workplace with Success

Often in today’s economy, the companies who fail are those who fail to change. Adaptation is absolutely critical — and whether you’re running the company or are part of a large team, handling change is a key to success. Here are some tips on how to handle change gracefully.

1. Make, or get in sync with, a plan.

When change happens, the first step should be figuring out how to handle it. Try to understand how the change fits into the overall architecture of the business, how you and/or your team need to change to meet it, and how to best excel in the new environment.

2. Keep the final objective in mind.

There is a reason the change was implemented — it could be to account for lagging sales or proactively react to a coming change in the market. Try to understand what the end goal is. This streamlines decision-making and helps work out kinks more quickly.

3. Prioritize clear communication.

It’s easier for things to get lost in the shuffle when change happens. That’s why making clear communication a priority — both personally and among your coworkers in the form of clear messaging and feedback — is crucial. This also helps keep everyone on the same page.

4. Reassign roles as needed.

If restructuring means new tasks for employees, chances are some people won’t land with the tasks they’re best suited for. Delegate new roles or tasks according to your teammates’ skills and strongpoints.

5. Don’t overextend yourself.

Be realistic in the amount of work you and your team can get done. Set yourself up for success by setting manageable goals — setting unrealistic goals, particularly during a dynamic period, can lead to burnout and low morale.

6. Encourage an environment of accountability.

It’s not helpful when people hide behind change as a reason for low performance. Make sure you and your coworkers have the tools required to be successful in implementing change. This helps everyone be accountable for their own success or failure, which makes it easy to keep track of what — and who — is working.

Meet change with a positive attitude, a clear vision, and a solid plan, and watch the good results.

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