image How to Make the Most of the Remaining Warm Weather

How to Make the Most of the Remaining Warm Weather

Most people fall into one of two camps — their favorite season is either the one they’re currently in or the one that’s coming up next.

While that tireless heat lamp in the sky may have you hungering for a crisp autumn breeze, don’t give up on summer just yet. With just a few precious weeks of warmth left, there is no better time to pack in some memories. Three months from now, you’ll be happy you did.

Here are some fun late-summer activities to give closure to the season.

Go on a Whitewater Rafting Trip

If summer is coming to an end, why not send it off with a bang? Careening down a frothing river may sound scary, but those who have gone whitewater rafting know how fun it is. Look up whitewater rafting outfits near you, pack some food and drinks in the cooler, and enjoy the confidence of paddling downriver with an experienced guide. Plus, the late summer means the water will be at its warmest.

Hit the Beach

If December 21st is the shortest day of the year, why isn’t it also the coldest? The answer is the oceans. The earth’s largest bodies of water store heat, creating a lag between the solar cycle and the weather. The point is this: the ocean will stay warm well into October. Take advantage of the last vestiges of summer by enjoying a trip to the beach. Be sure to spend some time in the water, which is still storing the summertime in its molecular structure.

Try a New Sport

The transition stages between seasons often represents the doldrums for physical activity. That’s why it’s actually the perfect time to take up a new sport. The heat will only get more tolerable and you’ll find that many “summer” sports actually span well into the late autumn and even into the winter. Try sports like mountain biking, road cycling, rock climbing/bouldering, or kayaking.

Go Camping

Although summer is the classic time for camping, those who do so in the attenuated heat of late summer often find it preferable. How nice is it to cozy up in your tent on cool nights? How about the smaller crowds and lower noise levels? Pack up the tent and go explore the wild outdoors.

Don’t waste the warmth simply because it’s coming to an end — make the most of every moment. Enjoy the tail end of the summer.