image Emerging Social Media Platforms: How to Navigate a New Platform as an Insurance Franchise Owner 

Emerging Social Media Platforms: How to Navigate a New Platform as an Insurance Franchise Owner 

When social media burst onto the scene, insurance businesses discovered they could have a direct line of communication with their customers. You may have experimented with this new channel of communication to see if it is an effective tool to get out your message, advertise your products and services, and build your brand image as an existing or potential insurance franchise owner.  

Insurance and social media are now linked together to make an impression on customers around the world. The question is, what are the best platforms for you to use, and what are the most effective ways to leverage modern marketing to connect customers to your brand?  

Understanding the Power of Social Media for Agents: Embracing New Platforms 

Popular social media platforms have long been used in insurance marketing. Franchise owners reap the benefits of shaping public perceptions of their brand. By producing a steady stream of content that amplifies a coherent brand message, franchise owners can strengthen customer loyalty, connect with the community to tailor your insurance franchise for success, and provide information about company products and services. 

You’re probably familiar with the popular sites that businesses use to grow their brand, like Facebook and Instagram. But you can also take advantage of emerging platforms that are making a mark on the industry. A few of these newer platforms are: 

  • Threads 
  • BeReal 
  • Lapse 
  • WeAre8 
  • Supernova 
  • Tagged 
  • Tik Tok 

Strategies for Launching Your Insurance Business on New Online Marketing Channels 

When launching your franchise, you want to amplify your content on social media. The goal is to ensure that your message and product and service information are being seen. It’s essential to implement the best methods to leverage emerging platforms. These methods and strategies involve the following: 

  • Keeping your social media platforms active with new information daily. 
  • Developing content that positions your company as a thought leader. 
  • Creating videos for maximum customer interest and interaction. 
  • Sharing other influencers’ posts to boost credibility. 
  • Using customer testimonials to increase trust in your business. 

Don’t get caught up in myths about opening a franchise. There’s plenty you can do from the start to capitalize on new trends. 

What Are the Benefits of Emerging Social Media Platforms for Your Franchise 

When an insurance agent uses social media, they will see various benefits that help maximize efficiency. Some of these benefits include the following: 

  • Brand building 
  • Creates awareness 
  • Boosts trust and reliability 
  • Allows brand to emotionally bond with customers 
  • Find new leads 
  • Showcase your expertise and become thought leaders 

Talk to a Professional Today About Growing or Opening Your Insurance Franchise 

Using social media platforms is a great channel if you own – or are thinking about opening – an insurance franchise. At Confie, our experts stay on top of all insurance news and emerging marketing platforms.  

Whether you are a franchise owner or considering becoming one, our professionals are here to guide you through the process of being successful. Confie has one of the largest and most reputable personal lines of insurance in the United States.  You can contact us today online or call (714) 252-2500