image 4 Kid-Friendly Spring Break Activities for Your Family

4 Kid-Friendly Spring Break Activities for Your Family

Spring break is the perfect time to break away from work and take the family on a fun trip. It won’t just recharge you — it’ll recharge the kids for their final push before summer break!

For family vacations, it’s optimal to avoid places with more adult themes and crowds. Here are four ideas for a kid-friendly spring break vacation.

1. The Ski Trip

Spring break is a perfect time to go skiing. February, March, and even April are fantastic times to hit the slopes. If you’re on the east or west coast, you don’t have to fly to Colorado or Utah for great skiing. There are 37 states with ski resorts, and most of them offer incredible spring break deals.

If you have young kids, don’t be deterred by the potential costs. Ski resorts are incentivized to encourage the next generation of skiers and snowboarders. Many offer free skiing for young children and reduced rates for older children.

Ski vacations create happy memories of action-filled days and cozy nights. Make some of these memories with your family!

2. The Beach Trip

Spring break comes at that magical time when certain areas of the country have great snow and others have warm beaches.

The beach is a great option for families because it keeps the kids entertained while allowing adults to alternatively exercise and relax. Many beaches have lifeguards, meaning there will be other pairs of eyes on your kids’ safety.

To avoid the hard-drinking college spring break crowds, look for family beaches online.

3. The Road Trip

Family road trips are a great time to bond. No matter where you live in the country, there’s almost always something spectacular within a day’s drive. It’s also a great way to save money, as the gas will cost less than multiple plane tickets.

Don’t be deterred by long drives, either. Sometimes the experience of traveling 12 hours in a car is just what it takes to feel like you’re in a new world. Just make sure the kids have plenty of entertainment for the long drive!

4. Mexico’s Caribbean Shore

All-inclusive resorts compete heavily to get customers during spring break. There are plenty of activities for children and adults alike. Trustworthy childcare means you can get some alone time with your partner, while family activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, boogie-boarding, and more create lots of opportunities for fun with the kids.

All-inclusive resorts are often catered toward families or partiers, so be sure to look for the place that feels right for you.

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