We are committed to creating mutually successful relationships; our goal of a merger partnership is a true win/win for all parties involved.

As a member of the Confie family of companies, you will have the support of a proven operational platform and access to:

  • Industry knowledge and market intelligence through communication and technology
  • Special products and programs
  • Capital to expand the business
  • Wider distribution channels for your own products through our subsidiaries
  • Human resource support and payroll processing

We do not subscribe to a cookie-cutter approach in our partnerships. We strive to implement the best formula for success, and one that meets our partners’ individual needs; whether they want to remain with our business or wish to exit.

Hub and Spoke Model

  • Confie understands that every insurance market is unique
  • Enables “platform” acquisitions to grow both organically and externally, through “fold-in” (add-on) acquisitions

Agency owners looking to exit

  • We pay cash
  • We have a track record of “saying what we’ll do and doing what we say”
  • Over 100 references from previous sellers (available upon request)

Agency owners looking to stay

  • Ability to take chips off the table (we pay you cash up front)
  • Additional purchase price paid to you as you grow
  • Ownership (equity in larger parent company)
  • Playing on a larger “playing field” with access to Confie’s resources and capital
  • Retain decision-making authority and your clients, carriers, and community

Confie is seeking partnership with agencies and brokerages that have the following attributes:

  • Proven management team
  • Record of profitability
  • Desire to markedly expand their business

Confie is an entrepreneurial sales and service driven organization comprised of individuals of the highest integrity and quality, working together to form mutually beneficial relationships and achieving unified objectives.

If you feel your organization fits this description, talk with us about how we can help you reach these goals.

A Formula for Success

  • Seasoned executive team with a proven track record
  • Operational platform with proven profitability
  • Expertise in marketing financial services products to consumers
  • Flexible solutions to match individual needs


We can offer regional players the opportunity to partner with a dynamic, growth-oriented insurance brokerage firm.

Mordy Rothberg
Co-founder and Executive Chairman