At Confie, our number one priority for merger and acquisition partners is guaranteeing a seamless transaction and shared future success.   Our partnerships are built on trust.   Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with our partners through open communication and confidentiality.   Whether the plan is to exit and/or planning to stay in our organization, our process is designed to generate strong revenue growth.

Our experienced due diligence team will navigate each partner through the transaction process.  Each business owner is unique and our transactional experience allows us to adapt to the ever changing situations.  Once a transaction is agreed to, we ensure the right consolidation strategy is selected for the business. Our integration team is responsible for providing an operational plan that will easily integrate a business into ours.    We want our partners to know with confidence that current employees will continue to be part of a growing business with a winning culture.

With nearly 140 acquisitions, Confie quickly is becoming the premier partner of choice in the Personal Lines Industry.  We look forward to your agency being a part of the Confie Family!

Why Confie? Acquired Businesses Gain Key Competitive Advantages such as:

  • Access to a greater number of carriers
  • Ability to offer additional value-added products
  • Leverage existing nationwide marketing
  • Accessibility to back-office resources
  • Leverage Confie’s buying power with third party vendor partners
  • Margin enhancement
  • Ability to grow on a national scale

“Prior to Confie purchasing us, I didn’t know what to expect. Confie assured me nothing would change. Three years later, my team and I are still here. I maintained my role, and we have achieved all our earn outs. They continue to be supportive and I could not be happier.”

Randy Parker
Vice President at California Insurance Specialists