Freeway Insurance is an integral brand of the Confie family and one of the United States’ largest privately held insurance brokers, earning a top honor in the annual Top 50 Personal Lines Leaders listings by Insurance Journal West for the third year running.

Freeway is able to provide customers low cost options, ensuring they get the best value every time. Freeway maximizes customers’ choices by offering a variety of policies from competing carriers that specialize in non-perfect drivers. We enhance convenience by providing service online, over the phone, and in our stores. We also accept cash payments from customers who do not possess credit cards or checks. Freeway has long been considered a trusted source of quality insurance solutions, and honored to do its part to ensure customers’ peace of mind.

The Freeway Insurance Difference

For more than 30 years, Freeway Insurance has been committed to delivering low-cost, high-quality insurance solutions to Americans from all walks of life. Freeway prides itself on providing insurance to drivers without regard to prior insurance history or diving record, and to making the process of sourcing insurance as painless as possible. Freeway’s proven track record and reputation for trustworthy service are true differentiators in a world of cookie-cutter insurance solutions. 

With more than 500 office locations across the United States and a bilingual fleet of friendly, knowledgeable agents available in person and by phone, Freeway Insurance is dedicated to exceeding the needs of its policyholders. Freeway’s offices are open six days a week, so current and prospective policyholders can count on getting help when they need it.

Freeway delivers cost-effective insurance policies that appeal to every need and budget, from basic policies that provide the essentials to top-of-the-line policies that provide much-deserved peace of mind

Freeway is committed to insuring all types of drivers, regardless of driving history or insurance status. Accidents, tickets, a DUI, SR-22 requirement, and lapses in insurance coverage — Freeway Insurance works with drivers who’ve experienced all these setbacks and more. When you apply for coverage with Freeway Insurance, you can be confident that we will help you find insurance that fits your specific situation.

Freeway Insurance is also committed to saving policyholders money. Freeway’s team of seasoned insurance advisors has the knowledge and expertise to connect prospective policyholders with cost-effective auto insurance. Freeway’s litany of money-saving options, including student discounts, multi-policy discounts, multi-car discounts, good driver discounts, and military discounts, ensures that drivers never have to pay more than necessary for the coverage they need.

Despite a proven record of dedication and loyalty to policyholders, Freeway Insurance provides low down payments with flexible and affordable monthly payments.

Freeway Insurance does business nationwide and boasts physical branch offices in states including Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Washington or Wisconsin.

Core Lines at Freeway Insurance

Freeway Insurance prides itself on offering affordable auto insurance for most budgets and driving records. These cost-effective solutions for drivers include:

  • Full coverage auto insurance for those seeking full-spectrum protection
  • Liability coverage, protecting against accident-related claims
  • Collision insurance to defray post-accident repairs
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for claims not related to collisions 
  • Uninsured motorist coverage for peace of mind after incidents involving motorists without adequate insurance coverage
  • SR-22 requirements for drivers who have had tickets, accidents, or a DUI that other insurers may refuse to insure due to perceived risk 

Freeway Insurance offers a wide range of non-auto insurance options, including:

  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance for business owners and fleet managers
  • Landlord insurance for commercial property owners
  • Renters insurance for renters seeking to insure their personal possessions against loss and protect against liability claims
  • Life insurance for peace of mind at every stage of life
  • Homeowners insurance for owner-occupants
  • Health insurance for consumers seeking affordable, quality protection against the unknown
  • Motorhome insurance for peace of mind on the open road
  • ATV insurance for thrill-seekers on and off the beaten track
  • Watercraft insurance for craft of every size
  • Snowmobile insurance for snow sports enthusiasts

We also offer an assortment of ancillary products that include: Roadside Assistance, Hospital Indemnity, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Windshield Repair, Identity Theft and Telemedicine.

Key Executives at Freeway Insurance

The Freeway Insurance team is led by a dedicated group of seasoned insurance executives. Chief Executive Officer Cesar Soriano oversees a C-suite with combined decades of leadership experience in the insurance industry. Chief Sales Officer Darrin Silveria leads Freeway’s compassionate team of insurance sales agents, while President and Head of MGA Andrew Shrout heads Freeway’s Managing General Agency. Chief Marketing Officer Joshua Marder markets to Freeway’s customer base. Chief Financial Officer Michael Kaplan is charged with ensuring Freeway’s financial stability for the long haul. Chief Human Resources Officer Tim Clark keeps employees’ top of mind. Carol Newman, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, serves as Freeway’s primary lawyer providing legal advice to the company. Chad Maxwell, Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions, plays a key role in identifying and executing strategic acquisitions.

Resources for Drivers and Consumers

Freeway Insurance is proud to serve the insurance needs of millions of American drivers and consumers. It’s also honored to stand as a trusted source of information and expertise for current and prospective policyholders.

Freeway Insurance believes in reaching customers where they live, work, and play — wherever those places happen to be by providing you with coverage for your insurance needs. The entire Freeway Insurance team invites the public to learn more about insurance with these resources:

  • YouTube channel, where you’ll find videos highlighting Freeway Insurance’s policy options
  • Twitter page, where every day is another chance to learn more about insurance (and find out just how much drivers stand to save by switching to Freeway)
  • Facebook page, a user-driven community that celebrates what sets Freeway Insurance apart from the competition
  • LinkedIn page, where insurance leaders go for industry insights
  • Company website, the best place to find quick answers to your insurance question and get the skinny on Freeway’s vast array of policy options
  • Crunchbase profile, which has more detail about the structure, history, and finances of our company
  • profile, which offers a high-level look at where we’ve been and where we’re going

Learn More About Freeway Insurance

Freeway Insurance is devoted to low, transparent pricing and accessibility. It’s easy for prospective policyholders to use Freeway’s rate comparison program to learn just how much they stand to save by switching. And, with agents committed to delivering first-rate customer service in a judgment-free environment, Freeway is happy to provide in-person guidance at our retail locations and support to ensure every customer chooses the product that best fits their needs and budget. 

Get in touch with Freeway Insurance today by visiting one of the company’s friendly local offices, navigating to, or calling toll-free at 800-777-5620.