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5 Things to Do Before Your First Day of Work

Beginning a new job is an exciting chapter in your life, whether you’re just getting started or making a change further into your career. First impressions can be lasting, so take a bit of time to prep yourself before you actually start in your new position. Most of these tips can be applied both to new employees and those who take a position in a new department.

1. Practice Getting There

Traffic can make or break whether you get to work on time, especially on your first day if it’s a new commute for you. If possible, practice your journey during rush hour before your new job actually starts. That way, you’ll have a more realistic idea of how early you need to leave so you won’t be late.

2. Prepare an Introduction

When you start a new job, you’ll inevitably be meeting a lot of new people and introducing yourself. Make sure you don’t stumble by prepping a brief introduction, including your new job title and what kind of job you just came from.

3. Choose Your Outfit

No matter what the dress code is at your first day at a new job, take special care in your outfit on the first day. Think back to your interview to remember how casual or formal the staff in your area dressed for work. If you’re not sure, think ahead and shoot an email to your hiring manager to find out what level of professionalism is required or encouraged.

4. Skip Bringing Your Lunch

Packing your lunch for work may be a great habit on other days, but going out with your new boss or team members is an effective and informal way to start getting to know each other outside the office. Be ready to accept an invitation, even it’s a quick and casual outing.

5. Silence Your Cell Phone

You may be tempted to stay on top of headlines and social media throughout the day. On your first day, however, it’s more important to be fully present and pay attention to what’s going on in your new environment. Not only can you learn better without your cell phone in hand, but you can also pick up on less obvious social cues to understand the tone of the office.

With just a few moments of preparation, you can turn your first day on the new job into a lasting impression that sets you up for immediate

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